Last Day

So the red haired girl is my last project. I finished her today and I like how she turned out. I made Starfire from Teen Titans. Goodbye and have a Merry Christmas.


Day 83

So today I finished the girl off with a necklace that has a pink gem on it and added eyeshadow. The second person is a character from a tv show and I’m just seeing how well I so with her. I used the base from the first one but there’s a different hairstyle. I’m working on her to and will work on her face more tomorrow. See ya.

Day 82

So I have mostly finished the girl. I added a belt with the rectangle tool. I added a skirt, messed with the hair and made her eyes pop. I gave her eyelashes with rectangles turned into triangles with curves. I like how she turned out and might add a necklace. See ya tomorrow.

Day 80

So today I started to add a torso to the girl. I joined the lines of the right arm then copy and pasted to the left before doing a reflect across the vertical axis. The triangles will be shadows under the the bust. I will be putting her in a more formal looking dress to fit the hair. See ya tomorrow.

Day 77

Today I removed a lot of the outlines of this girl. Then I turned to opacity down on the nose and lip line. I added shadows with eclipses and rectangles that don’t have strokes. I Added more hair and used a line for the eyebrow. See ya next week.

Day 76

So today I worked more on this girl. I changed the hairstyle and the skin tone. I used a rectangle to get the ribbon in her hair. I used strokes to add the shine on the ribbon and the lips. I also took a computer literacy test on Brainbench and passed. See ya tomorrow.